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How Yaga works

Seller lists an item for sale

Download the Yaga app, add up to 3 photos, give a description & set your price

Buyer buys an item

The buyer finds an item they love, picks a delivery method and safely completes the purchase

Yaga holds payment securely

The money is transferred to Yaga’s account and safely held until the item reaches the buyer

Seller ships item

The seller ships the item to the buyer, using the chosen delivery method

Buyer receives item

Once the item reaches the buyer, they will click “Item received“

Seller receives payment

The funds are released to the seller’s Yaga Wallet, so they can payout or buy an item

Selling is simple

1. Creating a good listing

To get the most out of your experience on Yaga, we have created a guide for the perfect listing. There are a couple of things you need to know to boost your chances of sales and grow a base of satisfied buyers.

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2. Reaching your first sales

The most important thing after listing items is not to start “waiting“ for the right people to stumble across your shop. Instead, start marketing your shop like a pro! Follow these simple steps and your first sales should be on their way.

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3. Use promo codes to sell more

On Yaga, every seller can create promo codes for their shop to offer discounts and carry out campaigns. Learn to create promotions for your shop and generate sales!

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Buying safely and securely

1. Shopping guide

Found something you just have to have? We have created this step-by-step guide to help you through the purchase process. Get an overview of the delivery methods and payment options.

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2. How delivery works

Yaga has multiple integrated courier options that deliver nationwide. Every buyer can choose a suitable delivery method for them at checkout and cover the cost together with the item price.

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3. What is bundling

Wish to purchase multiple items from the same seller? Yaga's Bundling system allows paying for the delivery once (for the first item) and enjoying Free delivery from the same store for all the following items within the next hour.

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Start selling today by opening your shop

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You’re safe with us

Secure payments by

Safe payments via integrated payment options

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Fast delivery by trusted partners


Yaga is a an app for selling & buying preloved fashion. Everyone can list their items and start selling for free; or shop for second hand finds safely and conveniently.

You can simply start adding items here and complete the signing up by logging in via Facebook, Google or Apple ID.

Yaga uses the escrow model to handle payments which means that the money is first deposited on Yaga's account, and only released to the Seller once the Buyer has confirmed receiving the item on Yaga. If the Seller doesn't send out the item, the Buyer will be refunded in full.

To offer the best service possible, a commission fee of 9% is calculated from a successful sale. Opening a shop and adding items is still completely free, meaning that the 9% will be applied only when your item has passed checkout.

Yaga currently has Fargo as the integrated delivery partner for a door-to-door delivery service within the Nairobi area. It comes with a fixed price that will be paid extra at checkout by the Buyer. Other delivery methods such as 'Upon Agreement' and 'Pickup by Buyer' are also available when enabled by the Seller.

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